Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting- in which the speaker and the interpreter take turns to speak- is ideal choice for small-scale events or for premises that are too small for booths. This method is very suitable for lectures and addresses, and does not require any technical equipment although a microphone and loudspeakers may be necessary in larger venues.

Consecutive interpreting is also used in negotiations and courts of law.
Via Lingua has several years’ experience of consecutive interpreting, including high-level and international keynote speeches, production facility visits, business negotiations and court interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting – in which the interpreter keeps pace with the speaker – is generally used at large international conferences. This method is considerably faster than consecutive interpretation and also enables the parallel use of several languages, but does require the appropriate technical equipment. Large conference venues may have such facilities build in but it is also possible to rent such equipment and booths. Simultaneous interpreting can also be provided in smaller scale events with portable equipment.

A minimum of two interpreters for each language pair is always present during simultaneous interpreting.

Via Lingua mainly provides interpreters for Finnish, English and French, but can also put together a team of professional interpreters of other languages. Professional, experienced interpreters can guarantee success of your event.


Via Lingua provides translations flexibly and reliably, according to your schedules and needs. All our translators are either native speakers or the texts are proofread by a native speaker of the respective language.

Via Lingua also provides authorised translations for official use in combinations of Finnish-French-Finnish.